Looking Through Glass Makes It Harder To See

Looking Through Glass

There is a risk for us photographers when we travel. Things are new and often exciting and we want to take pictures of them. That, after all, is what we like to do. But burying our face in a camera’s viewfinder puts a screen between us and what’s actually there. The ISO, aperture and speed settings, not to mention the histogram readout, all conspire to take our attention from experiencing what is right in front of us.

Try walking down a strange street not carrying a camera and then do it with one. The feeling is quite different. 

Personally, I find it very hard not to carry my camera when I go somewhere I have never been before and I worry about that sometimes. (probably not as often as I should)

How about you?


2 Comments on “Looking Through Glass Makes It Harder To See

  1. Hi John – Mike and I were just in Maine for three weeks. We had friends visiting who had never been there. As we toured them around, and drove by 10 High Street, i told them about the time that we stumbled upon “the best ever, ever, gallery that had the most incredible mix of good country antiques with contemporary art and folk art”. What a sweet memory. I do not remember the year, but it was the summer of your first show for Brian White. It is one of my most favorite memories. Wishing you and Sarah the best in whatever you are doing and wherever you are now! Ann Williams

    • Thanks for those lovely words Ann. You gallery is really fine too!

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