I am the door…Alan Watts On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are


This sign was in a bookstore in San Francisco. I took its picture rather haphazardly with nothing in particular in mind. I’ve been laid up in bed for a few days and stumbled across it just now.

Looking at it again, it struck me that one of the best things anybody  can do with their lives is to serve as a door which through which others may pass. A door that, when open, leads to a new and better world. 

I recently read a book by the philosopher Alan Watts titled “The Book..On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are”. I found it very troubling because it postulates that our concept of ourselves as having individual existence and identity is totally false because it ignores the interdependence of all things and events. Yet the more I read and thought about it the more sense it made.

If you want to get a real existential slap in the face by a writer who makes a brilliant case for the falsehood of our concept of separateness get “The Book” because I guarantee it opens a door to a world you’ve never imagined.

Amazon sells it.

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