The iPad Air Mini or something like it from one of the other “big boys” is probably in my future.


I went to the Apple store today to get a charger replacement for my wife Sarah’s Macbook Pro. A pretty standard visit except Apple stuff doesn’t usually break. Nothing else was on my mind but the replacement of that defective cord. On the way out, as is usual for me, I browsed the latest Apple goodies completely aware of most everything I was looking at, but admiring its good construction. Almost out the door I picked up a Mini iPad Air and absent-mindedly snapped a photo with it and mailed it to myself. While still holding that Mini, I browsed the apps on the machine which included a pretty good WordPress one.

Back home now there waiting for me was the clear well rendered Apple store photograph in my email and then as I was looking at it, this thought hit me. Using that Mini, it would have been a cinch to put the photo in this blog and bypass my laptop computer entirely. Not only that but, the size of that little powerhouse and the recent availability of a mobile Lightroom app gave me the ability to edit, store and showcase extremely well all my photographs. Furthermore, to top things off, because I have big hands, typing on the Mini would be pretty easy.

DISCLAIMER: I may sound like an Apple fanboy but I’m really not. I have used and liked  some Android machines but I tend to come back to mother Apple because their stuff works well together and looks so good. People tend to fault Apple for their silo mentality and that criticism is well taken. Heaven knows, until recently, Microsoft certainly had it too. However, a little while back Google put a new photo uploading button on their Gmail system that defaults you back to the images you have stored on Google+, so it would appear that silo thinking is not limited to Apple. Microsoft on the other has made Office available for the iPad. Things are indeed changing.

CONCLUSION: As we know more tablets are being sold now than laptops and from today’s outing, I am more than ever convinced that trend will only accelerate.

The genie is most certainly out of the bottle.

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