Do you see snow, moss or loneliness?


When you look at this black and white photograph do you really care that what looks to be snow is actually an infrared rendering of a woods scene redolent with brown leaves and brown grass as well as some very green moss on the trees. I would hazard a guess that what first struck you was the small figure in the background that looks meditative and somewhat lost. The photograph serves to a degree as a kind of visual reinforcement of your own emotional interpretation of the scene.

That’s like the old story of the farmer who went into his tool shed at dusk looking for a shovel and came screaming out a second later convinced that there was a large snake just inside the door waiting to attack him. In actual fact what he saw was his curled up garden hose.

The point of all this is to emphasise how much of what we think of as reality is only our singular interpretation of it, shared by nobody else.  

It keeps one humble remembering this.

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