Burning Off The Gas Is For The Birds


When we walk around the bird ponds at Shollenberger Park I usually take photographs of the many waterfowl found there. Ducks, geese, stilts, sandpipers and their kin throng to this area to nest and feed.

What I have never really talked about is that, while this area looks for all the world like a wildlife sanctuary, it is actually there thanks to the farsighted environmental planning of the Ellis Creek Water Plant. (Note: Back east we would call it the Petaluma Sewage Treatment Plant.)

The different wording here sheds light on how differently municipalities can approach the same problem. Back east we’d approach it as merely a sewage treatment problem. Here in California they approach it as water reclamation opportunity.

Hooray for the western approach.

Here is a link to what I am talking about. Enjoy!


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