At Drakes Bay Oyster Company Again!

I would like to thank Ginny Cummings, the manager of Drakes Bay, for her warm welcome and the fun tour of her operation I had the other day.


Even though my wife and I come from coastal Maine and we do indeed have oyster companies there too, I have never had the chance to look at what goes into producing them up close. I was shown “french tubes”, the poles that the tiny oyster babies cling to as they grow into adulthood.


I saw older methods where the growing platform is nothing more than a big old oyster shell.


I met some of the hispanic women who break the individual oysters off from their growing media and get them ready to sell. Some of these ladies have worked at the company for decades.


And finally I got a lecture on how important it is to keep these shellfish cold so they are at their best when the customer buys them. 


Which I might add included me again as the first dozen I ate had now grown into a five dozen take home order for my stepson’s birthday party. They were as good as the first bunch. Though I confess that my shucking technique could use some improvement.

Which of course means, I need still more oysters! You know what they say, “practice makes perfect.”

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