Black Clouds and A Purple Lady


The rain around here has stopped for now and the dark clouds that have hung over us for the last few days are thankfully leaking sunlight. They say we have gotten as much as 6 inches of water dumped on Petaluma from the last storm. However, that is not nearly what this region needs. There would seem to be more rain coming soon. Good news for the environment, bad news for our walks.

This morning on our hike around our favorite 2 mile marsh loop trail, the walkers and runners were out in force. They tend to be the usual assortment of fitness buffs, dog owners, bird watchers, weight watchers and just plain tourists like us. Three-quarters of the way around the loop we ran into a happy chatty lady dressed in a LOT of purple who told us the story of how she got her hat.

It seems one day she was riding the ferry into San Francisco when she struck up a conversation with a young girl who was wearing a pretty knitted hat. The woman asked the child where she had gotten her hat and was told by the girl that mother had knitted it for her. The mother was sitting nearby and introductions were made. When the mother was asked whether she would knit a hat for for our purple walker friend the mother said yes and a few months later this hat arrived in a package with no return address and no bill.



The other thing the purple lady told us was that she owned a balloon company that had just received international recognition.

Needless to say it was a fun walk.

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