Traveling To Boston and the Trident Cafe

Trident Booksellers Cafe
Trident Booksellers Cafe

Getting down to Boston from where we live in midcoast Maine is somewhat of a hassle, especially in winter. The first hour or so, until we get to Portland, is spent on roads that do not get the maintenance of the big  interstates. They don’t get plowed as well and when it’s really cold out the salt doesn’t melt what’s left sooo they can be sneaky dangerous. What looks like black top is actually black ice and that stuff is murder.

Once south of Portland though things get a lot better. Interstate I 95 takes over and the next 2 hours are pretty easy. I like to stop in the middle of the Maine Turnpike to use their familiar facilities and get a hit of Starbucks medium bold plus one of their outstanding oatmeal raisin cranberry cookie. Sarah gets a small mocha with no whipped cream and on we sail with a fine caffeine breeze at our backs.

I used to live and work in Boston when I was younger and Sarah and I have lived there on and off over the years. We had an apartment on Beacon Street here but sold it three years ago. 

Everything you hear about Boston is pretty much true. It is packed with rabid sports fans. Its drivers are terrible (so are its pedestrians). It is loaded with history and brainy college students and, I as an ex-Bostonian am ashamed to say, it could keep its streets and sidewalks a lot cleaner.

All that being so, it has one thing that you probably have never heard of and that’s too bad because it the most terrific local hangout we’ve ever found. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the one and only Trident Booksellers Cafe. It sits in the last block of upper Newbury Street and has been there for at least a decade. It sells a winning combination of good food, (their corned beef hash is fantastic) good coffee and intelligently curated books and periodicals. 

Our waiter yesterday morning summed up the appeal of the place when he said the liked working there because “It’s a comfortable blend and they’re all young here”.

Our errant elderly presence not withstanding, the place is indeed “all young”. Engaged young, intelligent young, happy young and, speaking for ourselves, well-fed young.

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