It Was That Kind of Day


With photography you can sometimes tell a story better using less visual information. Today while I was trudging down a street in Cambridge on an errand, it was raining pretty hard. There were lots of people on the sidewalk all bundled up in rain gear many clutching umbrellas.

After taking a lot of shots of of wet folks slogging along and not getting a decent picture, it occurred to me that the vast puddles on the sidewalk might better tell what kind of day it was.

The Red Line


It’s not the red stuff on the kid. It’s the curve in the tracks that makes this work.



We all try to segment our lives. There’s the work, home, friends, family et cetera. I’m not sure that makes any sense. In my opinion everything is joined.


The Skating Lesson


As you might guess, the Frog Pond ice rink is a hive of activity on Saturday. I went down there for a few minutes to see what might catch my eye. This little girl was taking a skating lesson and having a terrible time just standing up. But she kept at it and at it and at it. Every time she fell down her nice instructor was right there to help her up.

And you know what? The kid was loving every minute.

I think there’s a lesson here for all of us.

The Mystery Behind Peoples Eyes


On The Subway

Taking portraits of strangers makes me nervous. On the streets I like to take my photographs without being noticed. Someday I hope to get over that reluctance to engage people because the human face is endlessly fascinating.


At The Ice Skating Show



Trudging back up Beacon Hill just now, the rain was coming down in sheets. Taking a photograph in these conditions is more a matter of luck than skill. There is fun thing about this image. If you looking quickly at the figure under the umbrella in the foreground you could easily assume his/her direction of travel us uphill. But look closely at the figure’s feet. The person is┬ácoming down.

Rainy, Wet Sidewalks


The sun sinks, rain pelts down and the sidewalks run blood and gold.

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