Occasionally in the street shooting biz you take a picture of a person who looks like they’re able and perfectly willing to take you head off. It really wasn’t the case with this lady as we almost bumped into each other as we were rounding the same corner and it was a surprise encounter. I’m not even sure she noticed my little camera, nevertheless I’m glad each of us kept on moving.

King’s Chapel House Stairwell


Didn’t they build them beautifully back then?

The Happy Boston Cowgirl


A western boot and hat store smack in the middle of a blue blood Bostonian neighborhood? Yup partner there is one. It’s called Helen’s Leather Shop, 110 Charles Street. Emine here “womans” the counter and likes to get her picture taken. It didn’t seem too much of a hardship so I was happy to oblige. 

They did a good job for me putting a leather handle on my camera bag and who knows if I’m ever in a yippee yi yo ki yea mood I might ever get me a pair of boots for my size 14 tootsies.

PS I had originally written “mans” the counter but Emine let me know in no uncertain terms “womans” was correct.


Setting Sun Magic


The setting sun and a clear evening sky combine to make this view a thing of beauty.

Morning Light


My wife Sarah’s father used to have this saying …”Another day of glorious opportunity”. Sometimes it’s hard for most of us to feel quite that optimistic but the golden light of morning certainly helps.


Street Portrait


At its most basic, taking pictures of people as they go by you is all about trying to extract a bit of their essence from a fraction of a second encounter. There is a lot of luck involved but if you do it enough sometimes it happens.


The Hemp Fest Continues

OK this time I’ll shut up and let my photographs do some talking.

Today I talked to some cops who were on duty. They said they did want to mess with public weed smoking any more so I guess legalization is bound to happen sooner or later but I wish, as a society, we could take a break from looking for more and more ways to get high.





And In Conclusion


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