Approaching Puberty

This morning there was what seemed like a thousand kids waiting outside our local movie theatre. As we drew nearer, the doors opened and they streamed inside. By the time we actually reached the building they were heading up the escalator to the movie.

This photograph was shot through a window in the theatre. Reflections of trees outside overlay the children. The anxiety of the 2 boys in the foreground made me think of the long road to adulthood that lies ahead of them.

Hard Living

It’s obviously hard to say what exactly this man is thinking about. I didn’t talk to him. However, there is a hard anger in his face that’s hard to ignore.

The photograph was developed in black and white because I wanted to emphasize the bleak nature of this picture.

Dying Tulips

There’s beauty even in the face of death.


Taken in Boston’s Chinatown, this couple was totally oblivious to the photographer taking their picture. It was a lovely scene.

Beautiful Dying

There is beauty even in death.

I asked my wife yesterday not to throw away these dying lilies until I could photograph them. I love their poignant beauty. They remind me that even death can be tinged with loveliness.


We all have days like this occasionly. Lately, however, in the US it seems we’re having them more often.


There’s a story here. I don’t know it. Please feel free to make one up.

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