Mass Transportation

Contrasting Modes

This photograph was taken in the Porter Square subway station Cambridge, Mass. When the trains let out, the long escalators are filled with travelers.

There is a great mural of old fashioned trains on the ceiling over the people. I very much liked the conrast between old and new modes of transportation.

Alone With His Thoughts

Christmas is a sad season for many. I rode up in an elevator with this man at the Park Street subway station and he just looked lost in sad thoughts.

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

This lady learned to play the tin whistle in college, in a class taught on medieval literature. She was playing on the bridge going over the Boston Garden lagoon. In all the times I’ve been there, I’ve never seen her before.

She was sweet. It must be the season.

Mr. Hal Rawlings

Street Vendor Extraordinaire 

Hal works for the Homeless Empowerment Project (Vendor License 135) selling newspapers to raise money for Boston’s street people. He lives in the South End near Mike’s Diner. He was a roofer but has had both knees and a hip replaced.

He’s clean, works hard, dresses well and is well spoken. But he also is black and often not given the recognition he deserves.

“Dancin” Queen


A mellow day, warmish and dry. People were happy with themselves and with each other. 


It’s Only Going To Get Worse


Lousy rainy day today, but by Thanksgiving the midday temperature will be in the teens!

Not Donuts


At Boston’s Antequarian Book Fair today, this dapper gentleman was looking at a most unusual print. I have no idea what it was in reference to but the photograph was worth taking.

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