The Name of This Game is LOOKING









The pictures above are the result of a wonderful morning we spent in the Boston Museum of Fine Art. 

Mr. Analog Escapes Facebook


I’m drawn to people reading paper books. No kindles, no Ipads just those old-fashioned things that we grind up pine trees to make. I think it’s partly because this digital world we now find ourselves in seems increasingly overwhelming. 

For a couple of years now I’ve been badly addicted to Facebook. It’s a big black hole. A time waster without equal.

It’s time to cut back on all my digital time wasters!


Mr. Frog Pond In The Mirror


I couldn’t resist taking this. It’s hard to categorize. A selfie? Maybe A portrait? Not really. Just a reflection in a mirror of a retail store with a nod to Vivian Maier. 

(Just between you and I, it’s the red fire extinguisher that makes this composition work.)

Hello Young Lovers


Walking up Boston’s Commonwealth Mall is always a fine place for a little street photography. This couple had stopped by the firefighters memorial and were completely oblivious to the fact that I was taking their picture. Not once but a number of times. Young love is lovely to see up close.

Saying Goodbye…A Tender Moment

large- copy.jpg

Occasionally I feel like a voyeur taking some of these pictures. This intimate moment was captured on the sidewalk outside of the Whole Foods Market on Boston’s Cambridge Street. It was a very tender moment and while I felt a little awkward taking this picture, the emotion in it is wonderful.

You Want A Punch In The Nose?



Like so many things we see on the web today this photo isn’t what it looks like. This guy is a street person who was panhandling on Boylston Street this morning. I gave him some change and asked him to look fierce. Which he most certainly did.

I think those dark rings around his eyes is makeup. To what end I have no idea but it certainly helps his “fierce” look.

A Fellow Member of The Street Shooting Clan


It’s always nice to run across another street shooter. This guy is going to the Mass College of Art and majoring in photography and graphic design. We bumped into each other as we both were wandering up Branch Street. He was a nice soft spoken guy who seemed totally committed to what he was studying. 

I’m sure he has a fine career ahead of him.

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