Tea Room Cafe



I’m really not too sure of this one. I like the woman’s pose a lot. It’s the other elements that I’m unsure of. There’s a bunch of squares and rectangles above her in the background. I’m thinking if it was just her and the table things would be better. If I knew how to use photoshop I’d take some of that background noise out.

Speaking of photoshop, does anyone out there know a good online tutorial for using it? 

Petaluma Birding


My wife is really the birder. I tag along taking pictures. This is a black-necked stilt admiring its reflection. I love the red legs.

California Blue


This single sailboat was anchored in the middle of Drakes Bay near Point Reyes, California. I never saw anyone moving around on her. She looked rather lonely out there nestled in an almost mediterranean blue ocean, but the overall scene was beautiful.

Our Flag As A Beacon Of Hope


In today’s terribly polarized political climate, I like looking at this emblem. It reminds me that our country has been through these kinds of things before and with luck we’ll get passed our current mess too. 

A Walk In The Woods


Muir Woods to be exact. A lovely national park just north of San Francisco. The light among these giant redwoods varied constantly from harsh direct sun to a gloomy darkness, making the extreme contrast hard to handle. This couple in front of me just got kissed by the sun in a way that created a silhouetted look that I liked.

Down The Up Staircase


What I had initially thought was an ordinary photo of my wife walking down a wide stairway turned out to be a rather interesting example of an optical illusion. The high concrete wall on her right had been partially painted with a dark grey paint which gives the illusion that the stairs could be going up. Also worth mentioning is that the lighter grey in the upper right of the picture is not some distant foggy vista. It’s still the wall!


Plug (Really Big One)


This giant electric plug is on the side of a PP&G utility building in Petaluma, California. It’s about as clever an advertisement as I’ve seen in a long while.

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