No Such Thing


The “angel” is a statue the “cloud” is a flower. Photographic reality is a highly malleable item. Not that you didn’t already know that. It’s really me that I have to keep reminding.


Some Kind of Bus


We’re all on one. It’s of our own design. We can change it if we have a mind to.

By The Water

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I think what makes water lilies so beautiful, beside their sunburst shape, is the fact that they are surrounded, most of the time, by a frame of vibrant green lily pads. This singular beauty was blooming along the banks of the Charles River in a side canal about even with Clarendon Street. 30 yards away a stream of cars was rushing by, yet somehow the power of this single glorious blossom shutdown the din of the city and spread a meditative calm over all who came near it.

Sensuous Peonies


I rest my case.

The Emerald Moment


This morning was about as perfect a summer day as you can imagine. Bright sky, low humidity and a cooling breeze combined to transport my thoughts to some green realm where the soul-healing quiet was only occasionally broken by the gentle rustle of shade trees. There were people around of course, but their presence was at best only tangential to the overpowering beauty of a precious, albeit temporary, summer jewel.

It Made One Want To Cheer!


Today the Boston Athletic Association held its annual 10 K race. This event attracts more than 10,000 runners, not just local and US people but many from all over the world. The day was glorious and the mood upbeat. It was a time to celebrate our collective humanity and, for a while anyway, dismal news took a backseat to just plain joy.




The Dog Prefers Vanilla


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Every day this lady takes her dog friend to the ice cream truck on the corner of Arlington and Boylston Streets and buys it a small cup of vanilla. It’s their daily ritual.

She always buys herself a cone.

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